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Astela’s products consist of three groups; Interlinings, linings and adhesive products.



Interlining is a mid-layer and is invisible from outside. It is used to ensure the anticipated look, quality and effect of the fabric. There are various methods of bonding the interlining with the fabric. The fabric is strengthened and bulked up by the interlining and thus contributing to form the clothing. It also helps the fabric endurance against sewing, washing and ironing. Interlining functions to support the formation and the endurance of the clothing and also decrease the tendency of wrinkling.

Our interlining partner Freudenberg supports and guides us with experience over 150 years with its brands like Vilene and Marelli&Berta.




Lining is also a mid layer product , mainly used to avoid any kind of direct skin contact with the inside of the garment which might cause skin irritation caused by frictions or treatments used on the fabric.

Our lining partner is a Japanese lining company named Toray. Our lining brand name is Linex, and under this brand name, we supply our respectable customers with wide quality range and hundreds of colors. Our products’ soft-touch and antistatic features guarantee to conform with any type of weaving or dying procedure. Linex holds international quality and health standard conformity certificates.



Thermo-Adhesive Products

Thermo-adhesive (thermo-plastic) products are used to unite two separate layers by heat.

Our partner in this field is a French company named Protechnic which happens to be the only company in the world that can produce net, web and films all under one roof.


  • Freudenberg
  • Protechnic
  • Vilene
  • Marelli-berta
  • Toray

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